Introducing Classic, our new color scheme designed to make it easier to identify different cell types and data.

Using colors commonly used in finance, the new color scheme makes it easier to distinguish cells that contain hardcodes from cells that contain formulas:

  • BLUE — forecast drivers and historical hardcodes, starting points for modifying forecast values to express your views, and following formula paths to identify dependencies
  • BLACK — formulas
  • GREEN — formulas with references to other worksheets within the model, allowing you to quickly pinpoint metrics that are dependent on supplemental data
  • GREY — annual columns

Download any Canalyst model in the new color scheme instantly from the portal by clicking the ‘Download a Different Format’ button, or set it as your default in your Settings page.

Canalyst clients can start using the new color scheme today by logging into the portal. Not yet a Canalyst client? Learn more with a demo of our 4000+ equity model platform today.

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