Earnings season is, at once, both a time of tedious work and ripe with opportunity for investors who can act more quickly on new information.  During earnings season, the Canalyst office is buzzing with energy as our analysts review the financial filings and update models for 4000+ equities.  We built the Canalyst Toolkit to help you leverage your time to make better investment decisions, ahead of the rest. The first two tools are ready for you today and more will be added in the future. 

The Updater

Automatically merge the latest reported financial results and operating statistics during earnings season with your personally customized model to meet your specific needs. Flexibility to fully customize your Canalyst models any time throughout the quarter, while also streamlining the quarterly update process during earnings. You can run it entirely on your machine without Canalyst seeing any customizations.

Supported customizations include:

+ Modified driver values in the forecast period

+ Adding new rows and worksheets with your own data and calculations

+ Changing the calculations in the model so that it is driven in a different way


The Updater performs a three way comparison between the customized, original, and new models to generate the updated model.

The Variance Report automatically runs after using The Updater Tool, and details the difference between your forecasts and the reported results so you can now easily see how your forecasted numbers compared to actual reported numbers.

The Annual Grouper

Change the ordering and formatting of the columns in the model in a single click.

Canalyst models are set up in chronological order with every set of four quarters followed immediately by a fiscal year column (QQQQY QQQQY).

Many clients prefer to set up their models with all of the quarters grouped together on the left side of the model sheet and all of the fiscal years grouped together on the right side of the model sheet (QQQQQQQQ YY).  This alternate layout can make it easier to create charts of key metrics over time.

Interested in implementing the Toolkit into your process?