Hot numbers, names, sectors, and new products of 2020.

With historic volatility and many industries seeing paradigm shifts whose effects are likely to be more permanent than transient, the market in 2020 presented both challenges and opportunities for capturing abnormal positive returns. 

Here at Canalyst, our goal is to provide the cleanest, richest, and best structured fundamental data for investors to make timely and informed decisions. In 2020 — despite the uncertainty in the surrounding environments and in our own work setups (as a company, we transitioned to work from home and have yet to return to the office en masse because of public health orders) — we maintained laser focus on that goal. Looking back, we are proud to not only have maintained around-the-clock coverage on existing names, but also have grown our product in many ways last year. 

Here’s what kept us busy in 2020: 

That’s a wrap! To our valued clients – thank you for being part of our year, and for letting us be part of yours.

If you’re not yet a Canalyst client and would like to learn more about our fast-growing platform, request a demo today.  

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