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Canalyst partners with the Colossus’ newest podcast, Business Breakdowns.

For the month of August, Canalyst is sponsoring Colossus’ network’s newest podcast, Business Breakdowns. Listeners of Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s Invest Like the Best will be familiar with the network and its high-quality and detailed podcasts and content related to business building and investing. 

Business Breakdowns dives into the details of individual companies with “investors and operators that know it best.” The product of this detailed analysis provides useful insights for anyone looking to learn more about a specific company or more about related industries. 

To help you analyze each company Business Breakdowns explores, Canalyst has provided accompanying models for all episodes in the month of August.

If you and your team want a huge head start during earnings, request a demo with us today to see if you qualify for a free trial.


August 4th: Blackstone (NYSE:BX) 

On August 4th, Zack Fuss spoke with the former hedge fund manager, and author of Net Interest, Marc Rubinstein about the alternative asset manager, Blackstone. Zack and Marc dive into the origin of Blackstone, its strategies and how it measures success and performance of its assets. Take a look at the Blackstone model today:


August 11th : ZoomInfo (NASDAQ:ZI)

On August 11th, Jesse Puji discussed what led to the success of ZoomInfo with its CEO, Henry Schuck. They discuss how its competitive edge allows the firm to continually succeed. Data’s role is an integral part of their business, so we’re giving you the chance to take a look at ZoomInfo’s financial model so you can look at their data as well.


August 18th: Smile Direct Club (NYSE:SDC)

On August 18th, Jesse Puji spoke with the CFO of Smile Direct Club, Kyle Wailes, about how $SDC’s direct-to-consumer model allows for lower costs and greater accessibility to orthodontics. To take a look at exactly how this benefits the firm, take a look at the Smile Direct Club $SDC model.


August 25th: Dexcom (NASDAQ:DXCM)

On August 25th, Zack Fuss interviewed Aneal Tenjarla, an associate PM at Sofinnova BioEquities, about Dexcom and how their continuous glucose monitors is changing the way that people manage Diabetes. To take a look at how Dexcom is penetrating its target market and carving out market share, download our DXCM model today.



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