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Canalyst partners with the Colossus platform's newest show, Business Breakdowns.

For the month of June, Canalyst has had the opportunity to partner with the Colossus platform’s newest podcast, Business Breakdowns. Listeners of Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s Invest Like the Best will be familiar with the network and its high-quality and detailed podcasts and content related to business building and investing . 

Business Breakdowns dives into the details of individual companies with “investors and operators that know it best.” The product of this detailed analysis provides useful insights for anyone looking to learn more about a specific company or more about related industries. 

To help you with each company Business Breakdowns explores, Canalyst has provided accompanying models for all episodes in the month of June.

June 2nd: Align Technologies (Invisalign) (NASDAQ:ALGN)

On June 2nd, Jesse Pujji interviewed the CEO of Candid, Nick Greenfield, “an e-commerce solution to teeth aligners.” Jesse and Nick talk about the orthodontics industry and how a company like Invisalign has managed to take a substantial market share of the clear aligner industry. See how Jesse and Nick’s discussion on unit economics and potential revenues compare to the Canalyst model today:


June 9th : Pinduoduo (NASDAQ: PDD)

On June 9th, Claire Cormier Thielke interviewed Xin Yi Lim, the Senior Director for Social Corporate Development at Pinduoduo. Pinduoduo is the largest agriculture-focused tech platform in China, connecting farmers, distributors, and consumers all in one place. In the interview, Clair and Xin talk about network dynamics, team buying concepts, and what makes Pinduoduo an attractive company. Take a look at detailed model behind the company by downloading the Canalyst model today: 


June 16th: Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) 

On June 16th, Jesse Pujji interviewed Jason Kelly, the CEO of Gingko Bioworks, and Matthew Harrison, a biotech analyst at Morgan Stanley. In this interview, Jesse, Jason, and Matthew speak about the history behind programming cells, and Moderna’s differentiation from other biotech companies. To get more information behind one of the most talked about biotech companies of the last year, check out Canalyst’s Moderna model today: 


June 23rd: Liberty Media Corporation [Formula 1] (FWONK:NASDAQ)

On June 23rd, Patrick O’Shaughnessy will dive into Formula One with it’s CEO, Stefano Domenicali, and investor, Arman Gokgol-Kline from Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb. They look at how Formula operates, generate revenue, and the interesting details behind one of motorsports most prestigious leagues. Take a look at the Liberty Media Corporation model today: 


June 30th: Facebook (FB:NASDAQ)

On June 30th, Business Breakdowns’ host Zack Fuss will take a look at one of the FAANG tech companies that dominates the S&P. Guests, Robert Cantwell and Jesse Pujji talk about Facebook’s transition to mobile, and where it creates value, and how it’s earned a trillion dollar listing. Facebook is the last featured company breakdown for the month of June. Make sure to download the Canalyst Facebook model to take a look before or during the podcast.


Subscribe to Business Breakdowns on the Colossus network for the rest of June to make sure you’re notified when a new episode is released! Also make sure to subscribe to their weekly newsletter to get a great summation of all their weekly content. This page will be updated in turn for any models that Canalyst provides for specific episodes.

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