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In addition to the routine earnings prep checklist we send our clients, we included details about the COVID-19 reporting extensions announced by the SEC and CSA, and how Canalyst is adapting to the unpredictability of earnings reporting dates.

SEC: The Commission issued an order that, subject to certain conditions, provides public companies with a 45-day extension to file certain disclosure reports, including 10-Q filings, that would otherwise have been due between March 1 and July 1, 2020.

CSA: The blanket relief provides a 45-day extension for periodic filings normally required to be made by issuers, investment funds, registrants, certain regulated entities and designated rating organizations on or before June 1, 2020 and for certain other requirements outlined in the orders. Market participants need to comply with the conditions in the blanket relief to use the extension.

What this means for your 1Q20 earnings season

In a nutshell, the timing of releases may be unpredictable. Approximately half of the companies that we cover do not yet have a confirmed reporting date on their website. Canalyst will be keeping a close watch on developments. We will be reviewing these dates regularly, and making our best effort to deliver the timely earnings updates you’ve come to expect from us.

What can you do to stay up to date?

  1. Update your Watch List now — With 4,000+ models to update each earnings season, we make your coverage our priority. Add names to your Watch List by clicking the star beside the name or emailing us your list. Help us prioritize your Watch List most effectively by removing companies that you no longer wish to receive priority updates for. 
  2. Use the Canalyst Updater — As soon as our team completes an update, you can update your custom models from last quarter with just three clicks. Make sure to download the most recent version of the Toolkit from “Your Canalyst Toolkit and Templates” folder before earnings.
  3. Request updates — If there is a company in your coverage with a surprise announcement, hit the Request Update button beside the ticker name to ensure the model is updated by us as quickly as possible.

Questions or concerns? Canalyst clients can contact our support team any hour of the day. Interested in trying us out through an earnings season to get a real taste of the Canalyst client experience?  Request a demo today, or reach our sales team at sales@canalyst.com anytime.

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