Everything you've ever worked on, updated at the click of a button.
In the wake of historic dislocations, investors have found themselves revisiting names they’d researched and dismissed as overvalued or uninvestable just a few quarters ago, only to find their research woefully out of date.
It’s a use case we’re hearing about more and more lately. Rather than wading through untold SEC filings, MD&A, and investor call transcripts, Canalyst clients are bringing their out of date work up to speed instantly, updating their old models with the latest financials at the touch of a button with the Canalyst Updater tool. 
By enabling our clients to instantly refresh their erstwhile work and quickly analyze which companies are best positioned to weather current conditions, we’re providing an edge in navigating never before seen economic disruption. Canalyst has you covered through earnings, too; with our team of 65+ analysts updating financials within hours of earnings, you’ll never leave a model behind. 
If you’d like to see your obsolete work on previously uninvestable and now dislocated names, collecting dust on the shelf, updated instantly with Canalyst, request a demo today.

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