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The Canalyst Fitness Challenge taps into our love of competition, staying connected, and keeping those COVID-19 pounds away.

By Hovy Qiu, Equity Research Associate at Canalyst

Since working from home, I have continued to look for ways to stay active. The Canalyst Social Committee connected me with like-minded colleagues and we formed Team FitSE, a new committee with the mission of promoting active lifestyles at Canalyst. Our initiatives have included sharing exercise-related resources, the Team FiTSE Fitness Challenge (where participants are encouraged to track their workout over 4 weeks), and bi-weekly workout events hosted over video call.

The workout event every Wednesday at noon is Squat O’clock, when everyone is encouraged to join a video call and squat it out to music. In addition to telling me the time, Squat O’clock has brought me closer to colleagues across different teams, as we bond over the soreness of our quads and our interest in back-end development.

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