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Candas: A Data Science Library

Leverage Canalyst data and models to
scale your workflow like never before

The Library

Candas was built by a former PM / analyst to give anyone with a little bit of Python knowledge the ability to scale their fundamental investment process. Access, manipulate, and visualize Canalyst models, without ever opening Excel. Work with full models, create and calculate scenarios, and visualize actionable investment ideas - all in a matter of minutes.

Workflow: Scenario Analysis

Rather than simply deliver data, Candas serves the actual model in a Python class. Like a calculator, this allows for custom scenario evaluation for one or more companies at a time.

Discovery: Search KPIs, Key Drivers, and Guidance

Use Candas to search for KPIs by partial or full description, filter by “key driver” – model driver, sector, category, or query against values for a screener-like functionality.  Search either our full model dataset or our guidance dataset for companies which provide guidance.

Meaning: Top KPIs, Top Revenue Drivers

Discover the KPIs with the greatest impact on stock price, and evaluate those KPIs based on changing P&L scenarios.

Visualizations: P&L Node Tree, Pre-Built Charting

Visualize P&L statements in node trees with common size % and values attached. Use the built-in charting tools to efficiently make comparisons. 

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