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Canalyst client and Canalyst PM discuss the new Candas Data Science Library, how it scales fundamental analysts' workflows, and the range of applications for financial analysis.

We’re big fans of Invest Like the Best, tuning in each week as Patrick O’Shaughnessy interviews the best and brightest of the investing world. Parent company, Colossus, is aiming to become the destination to learn about business building and investing.

This month, Patrick sat down for a conversation with Canalyst client Roger Freeman of Neuberger Berman, and Canalyst PM/Candas creator, Jed Gore. The interview covers Candas, a data science library built to help scale fundamental investors’ workflows. Candas lets users like Roger compare several companies at a time, run regression and scenario analyses, and then visualize outcomes, all with a few simple lines of code. Listen to the full interview here: