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Canalyst Toolkit 2.0 Seamlessly Integrates Reported Earnings Data into Clients’ Customized Financial Models

June 27, 2019
The equity research technology provider releases new tools, enabling a major productivity jump in the workflow of investment professionals

New York, NY — Canalyst – a fast-growing financial technology company serving institutional investors with on-demand financial models – announced today the launch of the Toolkit 2.0, a suite of sophisticated tools designed to maximize buysiders’ time during earnings. The Toolkit 2.0 expedites access to key earnings information, including updates to custom equity models that can now be performed in 30 seconds instead of several hours or days. The new functions streamline the quarterly update process, empowering investment professionals to spend more time on in-depth analysis.

Canalyst’s flagship product is a robust database of linked-up, fully-functioning, company-specific Excel models on 4000+ US and Canadian listed securities, including S&P 500, Russell 2000, TSX and TSX-V.  Canalyst serves some of the biggest names in institutional finance across North America.

The Updater — the most anticipated and requested feature of Canalyst’s Toolkit 2.0 — gives clients a significant head start on their analysis amid the flurry of companies reporting during earnings season. This feature identifies a client’s modifications to working Canalyst models of previous quarters and updates new, detailed earnings and operating statistics data directly into the client’s custom version, while preserving existing formatting.

“Canalyst’s Toolkit 2.0 allows me to customize my models how I want and need them, and then instantly updates them on a quarterly basis,” said the founder of a recently launched fund who wishes to remain anonymous. “I don’t need to pay someone to update models when Canalyst can serve that purpose for me at a fraction of the cost. Plus, Canalyst models have very high data integrity, are clean, consistent, and are available for a wide breadth of coverage.”

Earnings season can be a time of tedious work and, at the same time, a ripe opportunity for investors who have accurate data to act quickly to increase alpha. The Updater Tool also performs a comparison between the customized and new models so that at-a-glance, users can clearly spot the difference between their forecasts and the reported results.

“The Toolkit 2.0 is a massive leverage on our clients’ time,” said Damir Hot, CEO of Canalyst. “And reflects our commitment to continually reducing friction in buysiders’ process. Our software ensures that the highest quality data integrity possible can be integrated into as many workflows as smoothly as possible.”

About Canalyst

Canalyst is a financial technology company serving institutional investors and analysts and has shown impressive growth. Since its 2015 founding in Vancouver, Canalyst has closed several rounds of financing and grown to a company of more than 80 employees. Founded and developed by a team of finance professionals and technology executives, Canalyst enables CIOs, Portfolio Managers, and Directors of Research to uncover more, higher-conviction investment opportunities by efficiently ramping up and expanding coverage based on the platform’s robustness and breadth.

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