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Same trusted data, now in your chosen format.

At Canalyst, we keep the channels of communication open, so you can ask us questions and provide direct product feedback – whether it be suggestions for new and improved data delivery or requests for custom templates.

It’s this kind of feedback that helps us expand our product roadmap and ensure you’re getting the most out of your Canalyst subscription.

Thanks to client requests, we are now introducing variants of our models. (A model variant is any variation made to a model to customize it to your preference, like formatting, color scheme, custom tabs added, etc.)

The first two model variants available are:

  1. Chronological Variant (QQQQY QQQQY): This default variant has every set of four quarters followed by a fiscal year column.
  2. Annual-Grouped Variant (QQQQ QQQQ YY): A new, alternative variant has all of the quarters in the model grouped, followed by all of the fiscal years.

Enabling you to receive models in the format of your choice, directly from the portal, is an exciting milestone for us. The infrastructure created during this product update lays the groundwork for other variants to be available in the future.

We’re constantly integrating your feedback to improve the usability of our product and platform, so you can customize how you integrate Canalyst data into your daily workflow. If you have any questions or ideas for product enhancements, you can always contact us at support@canalyst.com.

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