Introducing the Canalyst Excel Add-in, enabling investors to update their customized models with the latest company data right in Excel.

Earnings just got a whole lot better. The Canalyst Updater is now available directly in Excel. You no longer need to leave Excel when you want to update your customized models for the most recent data available. Breathe easy knowing that your customizations will be preserved seamlessly when you update your model.

  • The same Updater functionality you love, now better integrated into your workflow — perform model updates from within Excel
  • Incorporate the latest earnings updates into your customized models with the click of a button
  • Run a variance report showing side-by-side comparisons, so you can easily spot the differences between your forecasts and company-reported results

To start updating your models from within Excel today, download the installer of the Canalyst Excel Add-in right from the portal. Not yet a Canalyst client? Learn more with a demo of our 4000+ equity model platform today.

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