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An edge on which players are best positioned to survive or thrive during the current global semiconductors shortage.

In our new Semiconductors Dashboard, we analyze the semiconductor revenue breakdown by end market, valuations, margins, growth projections — and more — across 37+ key players in the semiconductor industry including TSM, NVDA, and INTC.

We live in a technology-driven world and our society demands more chips, transistors, and semiconductors to make phones, laptops, cars and all other electronics work. While supply is hamstrung with inventory and logistical issues and demand is at an all time high, there has never been a more interesting time to watch the semiconductor space. With end-markets that range from mobile to auto, there are many market opportunities, and so we’ve brought it all together for you in our latest dashboard.

Canalyst dashboards package all of the key metrics, together with clean fundamental valuation, growth, margin, and liquidity metrics into one place so that you can remain focused on your analysis.

Switch to the Charts Tab at the bottom of a dashboard to get visual presentations of key data across tickers:

Access Canalyst’s growing list of dashboards — everything from Enterprise SaaS and Cannabis to Recent IPOs — directly from the portal here.

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